How to choose safe toys for 6-month-old babies


For the mental, physical, emotional, and social development of a baby in the first months of life, toys play a very important role. Therefore, toys for 6-month-old babies will be interesting tools to help children develop and learn many new things if parents are willing to choose.

Babies can develop very quickly in the first 6 months of life and choosing the right toys can help them learn and explore their surroundings more effectively. However, you need to learn a lot to know how to choose toys for a 6-month-old baby.

Which characteristics do toys for 6-month-old babies need to have?

6-month-old babies love sounds, simple pictures, and movements. In addition, at this age, babies are also developing hand-eye coordination, exploring their bodies, and learning to grasp and reach skills.

With the above characteristics, a suitable toy for Your 6-month-old baby may include the following characteristics:

          With sound: Babies will often rely on sound to sense the position of things until vision is fully developed. You can choose to give your baby some toys that make sounds, such as toys that make sounds, bells, or rattles.

          High-contrast textures and bright colors: Toys with high-contrast patterns help your baby learn the difference between textures and shapes during the first few months of life. In addition, babies may also like brightly colored toys.

          Movement: Babies as young as 6 months are often very interested in moving toys because their eyesight is still in the developing stage, so it is easier to see moving things.

          Hanging toys: When your baby can’t sit yet, hanging toys will be more suitable. The act of reaching for toys while lying down also helps babies develop grasping skills.

          Available in different textures: Cloth books or toys with different textures are great options for your baby to explore. These textures also stimulate the baby’s senses very well.

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Suggest toys for 6-month-old baby

Once you know the basic features that should be in toys for 6-month-old babies, you can refer to the following suggestions to choose:

  • Toys with lights or music: Babies love toys that have lights and music when they play with them. These 6-month-old toys also help your baby learn the relationship between cause and effect. While experimenting with toys that play music or lights when your baby presses a button, he will gradually understand how his actions will affect everything around him such as some of these toys are rattles, toy cars with lights, balls with bells inside…
  • Toys that stimulate babies to crawl: These are brightly colored, lighted, sounding, moving and quiet toys such as walking stuffed dogs or battery-powered toy cars or toys with wheels. and zipper. When crawling along these toys, your baby will get more physical activity and develop motor skills.
  • Push-pull toys: Push-pull toys like balls or wheeled carts are fun for babies and can also motivate them to move more. These toys help your baby develop fine motor skills and improve cognitive development.
  • Balls: 6-month-old babies often love to play with all kinds of balls. You can use a ball to encourage your baby to crawl more, thereby developing motor skills. There are many types of bulbs you can choose from such as those with lights, bells or rattles inside. However, you should choose a large ball to prevent your baby from swallowing it.
  • Playmats: play mats often include a baby mat with a plastic frame with many different hanging toys, so it can stimulate the baby’s vision and touch very well. By reaching or pushing toys hanging from the frame, your baby can also develop essential motor skills. In addition, your baby has the opportunity to experience a variety of toys and movements.
  • Stacking toys: By playing with shapes and rings, your baby will learn problem-solving skills as well as develop gross and fine motor skills. Moreover, children will also develop their creativity with this game. Some examples of this type of toy are stacking towers or stacking cups.
  • Block toys: Large, soft block toys are suitable for 6-month-old babies. This is a toy that helps children to develop hand-eye coordination, improve concentration and develop problem-solving skills. You can try to buy fabric dice or colorful foam construction bricks for your baby to unleash his creativity while playing.
  • Role-play toys: Toys that help your child imitate everyday activities such as phones, kitchen utensils or construction tools can help them understand the world better and develop hand-eye coordination. This type of toy for a 6-month-old baby can also help your child gain confidence.
  • Stuffed Toys: These stuffed toys are the right choice to help babies learn to sleep on their own at night without too much care from parents. The stuffed toys also come in a variety of textures that provide a very good sensory experience for babies. Some stuffed toys you can consider choosing for your baby are dolls, stuffed animals or cloth books. When buying these toys for your 6-month-old baby, choose one that is easy to wash to ensure hygiene for your baby.

How to choose safe toys for 6-month-old babies

When choosing toys for a 6-month-old baby, parents should note the following to ensure their child’s safety:

          Pay attention to the age recommendations listed on the toy. Also, consider choosing toys that match your child’s unique skill development milestones.

          Choose toys that are colorful and light.

          Choose toys that don’t have harmful materials or paints as your baby may put the toy in his mouth.

          Avoid toys with small removable parts.

          Choose toys that don’t have sharp edges or materials that could injure your baby like metal or glass.

          Throw away the plastic wrap toys as soon as you buy them to prevent your baby from swallowing them and choking them.

          Do not allow your baby to play with toys with long strings without an adult playing with or beside your baby.

How to choose safe toys for 6-month-old babies

Toys that help your baby explore the world in a fun way, but also need to be safe and age-appropriate. If parents choose the right toys for their 6-month-old baby, the baby will not only play with excitement but also learn and develop quickly. In addition, toys are also tools to help you have the opportunity to play with and interact with your baby more.