10 benefits of cycling for babies


Before buying a bicycle, parents will often be able to ask the question about what  the benefits of a bicycle are. Understanding this concern, after researching and consulting with customers, we have gained the following tips sharing with parents.

1. It’s pure and simple joy

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most rewarding. Learning to ride a bike is one of them. Once kids have their bikes, and cycling is a fun and free activity, they can enjoy it with friends and family for a lifetime. As President John F Kennedy said, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bicycle ride.

2. Enhance the concentration ability

Cycling is a very good method of concentration training, which is very important because the ability of children to concentrate is very low. When they are young, everything around them is most curious and exciting. It makes it hard for your baby to focus on one thing. When learning to ride a bike, the child must be very attentive to the distance they go if they do not want to fall or miss a beat. That is repeated every time when the baby rides the bike, so in a long time, the baby’s ability to concentrate will be significantly enhanced.

3. Increase health and muscle

Exercise in general or cycling in particular that both bring great benefits to health, they help the body create resistance to fight against dangerous pathogens.

In addition to increasing overall health, cycling will increase muscle growth, especially in the lower extremities, it helps to build more body muscles.

In addition, cycling also has many benefits for children as follows:

  •       Help to strengthen baby’s bones
  •       Have heart health
  •       Lose body fat
  •       Joints operate more smoothly
  •       Increase muscle strength and flexibility
  •       Better overall health


4. Help your baby have the best mental state.

Today, the situation of psychological problems is more and more worrying. According to a study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, depressive symptoms, which lead to suicide, have increased, partly due to a lack of attention from parents who unintentionally let a child spend a lot of time in the house alone, playing alone but rarely going out.

On the other hand, according to research, cycling stimulates the mental state very well, it helps to increase the baby’s confidence, and prevents depression. In addition, cycling helps children become independent, clearly aware of their bodies and surroundings. Children will be challenged to overcome the fear zone faster than other children.

5.Increase family time

As mentioned above, parents should spend more time with their children and cycling is a very good way to connect family members.

The hardest part about riding a bike is the stage of teaching your baby to walk, when parents will be the ones to help them feel safe when they start riding, which is family time together. Parents and children will be closer to each other, children will feel secure, parents will understand what their children need and want.

6. Journey to explore around.

When they were children, their curiosity about their surroundings and their desire to explore the world was very high. Therefore, bicycles are like tools to take children everywhere. The best way for children to be smarter is not through books, but through real experiences, through things they see, and they directly touch.

10 benefits of cycling for babies

7. Develop social skills

Cycling helps build social discipline that gets kids to get along with kids who share a common interest: cycling. When kids are busy in the neighborhood with their friends, they’re building social skills.

While cycling, the kids share ideas, aspirations, ambitions, views, secrets and discuss issues. A small neighborhood cycling competition for kids can also bring parents together; help you in raising children.

8. Stay away from electronics

If you have kids scrambling for remotes to TVs or using phones and laptops, buying a bike can take care of the status quo.

As soon as kids ride their bikes, they tend to forget about technology. Cycling gives them the advantage of having a better focus on self-perception than technology.

So instead of giving your kids gadgets, buy them a bike and watch the magic happen.

9. Good for the environment

Cycling is one of the ways to raise environmentally conscious kids. A non-polluting form of transport for bicycles. Even better, if your kids enjoy outdoor cycling, they’ll get to interact with Mother Nature.

10.Great items to move around

Cadel describes bicycles as “the perfect means of transportation.” And he’s right. As your kids get older, cycling becomes a quick and healthy way for them to get to and from school, sports and play. Better yet, it saves you time because your kids won’t have to rely on you to ride the elevator. Now that’s a benefit every parent can relate to!

With the above benefits, parents do not hesitate to buy a bicycle for their child.